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Doctor Who Series 13 Begins Filming “in the Next Few Weeks” But Will Transmission Be Delayed Until 2022?

The BBC has confirmed that the next series of Doctor Who is still set to start filming again soon, despite restrictions imposed by the UK government over the Coronavirus pandemic.

This comes after rumours that Series 13 won’t air until 2022; the BBC has said this isn’t necessarily the case:

“Filming is still going ahead this year as planned, starting in the next few weeks. We’re still hoping for a 2021 airdate, but this may depend on other circumstances.”

It’s interesting that, if shooting does start so soon, the BBC won’t commit to it screening next year, although in fairness, broadcasters are generally keeping schedules in flux; if we go into lockdown again, for instance, filming on everything will halt again.

There’s a possibility that Revolution of the Daleks will screen on New Year’s Day, as previous festive specials of this era have, so could be the only episode in 2021. Or it could tease a new season in, most likely, Autumn 2021 at the earliest.

Jodie Whittaker will return as the Thirteenth Doctor for the 13th series, while Chris Chibnall will be back as showrunner, but beyond that, we know nothing. If filming does begin again imminently, however, we expect at least a few announcements about cast and returning monsters.

We should also be aware that Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary is within touching distance, so the BBC will surely want things on track for then.

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Doctor Who Series 13 Begins Filming “in the Next Few Weeks” But Will Transmission Be Delayed Until 2022?

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