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Official Viewing Figures for Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks Revealed

Whether you liked it or hated it, Revolution of the Daleks, which aired on New Year’s Day, happily took second spot in the viewing figures for television that day.

4.69 million viewers tuned on live to see the Thirteenth Doctor meet Captain Jack Harkness and take on the Daleks. On 1st January, it was one of the highest viewed shows, alongside Coronation Street, EastEnders, and Emmerdale.

But now, the consolidated and official viewing figures have been revealed, placing Doctor Who in the top spot of viewing figures on the BBC with a total of 6.25 million viewers by the end of the week. These figures take into account those who watched it live, recorded it and watched it later, and who watched it on iPlayer.

So the Daleks managed to beat EastEnders which was seen by 4.36 million and another repeat of Mrs. Browns Boys which was watched – why? – by 4.87 million.

In the wider scheme of things, out of all the channels available, Doctor Who came second: Coronation Street took the top spot with 6.39 million people tuning into the cobbled streets. So while the Daleks are yet to conquer The Rovers Return, they managed to exterminate any opposition from other programmes on the BBC.

Looking in terms of the week’s viewing figures with all the channels we are now able to watch, it seems likely Doctor Who will end somewhere around the eighth most watched for those 7 days, in keeping with last year’s Spyfall. The New Year Celebration will most likely be the winner with 9.92 million people watching to wave goodbye to 2020… though if 2021 so far is anything to go by, it’ll be much the same as last year!

Will Chris Chibnall want to write a trilogy of Dalek adventures? If so, in presumably another New Year special, will the Daleks finally manage to conquer television and wipe out all the opposition, or will they fall to the might of Soap Opera Land?

Jordan Shortman

Official Viewing Figures for Doctor Who Revolution of the Daleks Revealed

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