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Could Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi Return to Doctor Who for Big Finish?

Big Finish chairman, Jason Haigh-Ellery, has confirmed that he has approached “other Doctors” to return to the role for audio adventures – leading many to believe that Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi could play the Doctor again at some point in the near future.

In a podcast for the Radio Times, Haigh-Ellery was speaking to Big Finish’s Creative Director, Nicholas Briggs, and the former confirmed:

“I got [Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston] at the right time. He’d just come off stage and he was pumped up, and obviously he was open to the idea whereas previously he hadn’t been. Obviously, we had asked before. And we continue to ask [other] Doctors.”

While that doesn’t hint that either Smith or Capaldi will be back soon, Briggs jumping in and saying “Stop right there, Jason” has given us some hope.

Okay, that’s a distant possibility but from Jason’s saying that Eccleston has changed his mind, we may infer that either Matt or Peter have too. Or at least that that’s a possibility.

In our exclusive interview with Eccleston, he made it clear that he was enjoying being back, and enthused:

“I feel like within the [Big Finish] module, there’s a great deal of conversation between – there’s the central hub, the team, and they draw the writers together, so there’s a consistency in the writing of the Ninth Doctor’s voice. But there’s also that great thing that you get from episode to episode where he’s stretched somewhat by the individual writer that keeps it fresh – both in the television series and in the audios – for the actor playing it. Because he is every one of us, I think. He belongs to everybody within that creative process. And that shape-shifting element to his persona is lovely.”

In the podcast, Haigh-Ellery continued:

“There’s moments when you’re talking to the actors and you can see the Doctorishness within them, and what they brought to the show. It’s fantastic that they’ve all continued to want to come back and play the part. And it’s a delight to work with all of them.”

So what do you think, DWC readers? Might we hear more from the Eleventh and/or Twelfth Doctors again in the near future? Just how hard can you cross your fingers anyway?

Philip Bates

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Could Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi Return to Doctor Who for Big Finish?

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