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Vote On Your Favourite Fifth Doctor Stories from Big Finish’s Monthly Adventures

It’s time to have your say: which is the best story from Big Finish’s Guinness World Record-winning range, Doctor Who: The Monthly Adventures?

After 22 years and 275 releases, the popular range has come to an end, and Big Finish has teamed up with the Radio Times to find out which titles are the best.

For the next four weeks, there will be a weekly poll where listeners decide which is the best adventure for each Doctor featured in the Monthly Adventures. It begins with Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor, and you can vote on the top story over at the Radio Times.

At the end of each poll, there will be limited edition download discounts on the Top Five Monthly Adventures of the week, including bundle deals.

Each poll will go live on Tuesdays at 3pm, and close on Fridays at 2pm, with the winning adventures from the previous week announced before voting begins each Tuesday. Voting for the Fifth Doctor’s adventures is open now, and closes on Friday 7th May 2021 at 2pm. 

Executive Editor of the Radio Times, Morgan Jeffries said:

“With Big Finish having scored a Guinness World Record for the Doctor Who Monthly Adventures’ epic 275-month run, is proud to partner with some real record-breakers for this new series of polls. Our readers and fans of Big Finish will get to have their say and pick their favourite stories from an incredible 22 years’ worth of releases. Let the voting commence!” 

The winning tale and the next poll will be announced on Tuesday 11th May. 2021 

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Vote On Your Favourite Fifth Doctor Stories from Big Finish’s Monthly Adventures

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