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Just What is Doctor Who: Time Fracture?

It’s been a long time coming but Doctor Who: Time Fracture is finally set for launch, with bookings now open for the new immersive theatre event. A trailer with Jemma Redgrave reprising the role of Kate Stewart was released in August last year but restrictions on live events meant it’s only now that visitors are able to get hold of tickets.

The first images of the sets for the production have been released, giving a taste of what to expect should you fancy a trip in the TARDIS to wartime London. The production’s website promises “a ground-breaking Immersive Theatrical Adventure, plunges you into the incredible universe of Doctor Who,” with the scenario trailed as:

“1940 – at the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses. Weakened and beaten back as the fracture’s multiplied out of control, they’re close to defeat.”

Producers, Immersive Everywhere previously oversaw the immersive theatre production of The Great Gatsby and say visitors will be able to interact with the show as much as they are comfortable, promising that “if you prefer to observe from the sidelines, nobody will mind.”

As previously reported and now indicated in the photos, David Bradley will feature as the First Doctor in newly shot footage. Echoing the character’s appearance in The Three Doctors, it looks as though he’ll be giving tips via television screen on meeting the next phase of the challenge.

The first performances are on Wednesday 26th May at ‘UNIT HQ’ in London, with dates running through to April 2022. It’s an impressive looking event although the ticket prices (starting at £49.95) will likely lead to some fans waiting to hear what the initial feedback is like before they book. Check out the Doctor Who: Time Fracture site for more information and booking.

Do you plan to sign up as a UNIT recruit for Time Fracture? Let us know in the comments below!

Jonathan Appleton

A regular Doctor Who viewer since Pertwee fought maggots and spiders, Jonathan isn't about to stop now. He considers himself lucky to have grown up in an era when Doctor Who, Star Trek and Blakes 7 could all be seen on primetime BBC1. As well as writing regularly for The Doctor Who Companion he's had chapters included in a couple of Blakes 7 books.

Just What is Doctor Who: Time Fracture?

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