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The Many Worlds of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

With the interactive theatre experience Time Fracture now open for previews, there have been a number of locations and further details revealed in the lead up to the opening performance.

As well as visiting different historical periods, including the court of Queen Elizabeth I and a trip to Leonardo Da Vinci’s study, as seen in City of Death, there will be trips to as many as 17 different planets.

Plus, you’ll be able to say you’ve been to the year 3000 (see what I did there?) to visit the Zaggit Zagoo Bar, where the Tenth Doctor visited Captain Jack Harkness in The End of Time. The band Busted won’t be there (unfortunately?).

Also included is the UNIT base, where we will meet Kate Stewart, played once more by Jemma Redgrave, and take a trip to the UNIT blacksite which has been featured in the trailers. Following the emergence of an anomaly, UNIT needs a way to find a way through, so the laboratory of Dr Errol Courtney plays a big part.

Hidden amongst these various locations will be a number of Easter eggs which will please fans old and new, from the Mona Lisa with ‘THIS IS A FAKE’ written on the back in felt-tip, to Elizabeth’s Court filled with tapestries that will similarly include little nods (probably towards Zygons and Carrionites).

There have also been a few photos circulating that imply that the newest series of the show will be featured, including the shadowy realm of the Kassaavin.

Creators have also announced that there will be some inclusion from Torchwood, though with John Barrowman’s already-filmed material having been pulled, I’m not sure how much of Torchwood will be included. But a walk around the Torchwood Hub will no doubt be exciting!

And David Bradley is also coming back as the First Doctor so it’ll be nice to watch the messages from him as well as many other incarnations of the Doctor. And of course, London will be included; as seen in the trailer for the event, the Cybermen will be invading the streets once again, and there’s a nice moment with the Daleks coming out of the Thames, similar to in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

The Time Lords are also involved — whether they are going to help or hinder UNIT and the Doctor isn’t known at the moment, but no doubt they’ll have their own agenda.

Of course, like many events over the last year or so, it had to be postponed because of COVID, but this allowed the designers more time to litter the production with Easter eggs and for the casting team to expand their net and cast a wider range of talent. It seems that the creators might actually be grateful for the extended period to really nail their designs and make the production as brilliant as possible!

This was supposed to be a tie in with the large Time Lord Victorious (TLV) storyline, but James Goss, creative mind behind that event, replied on Twitter to say:

“Honestly, firstly, you will have a BRILLIANT time. 2nd, there are elements of TLV in there, but it also informs TLV (Davies St is where Adelaide Brook’s house is, which is where the time fracture is that the TARDIS falls through in Waters of Mars). Holistically standalone… I don’t think you should feel baffled or excluded by anything. But do ask if so. (Remembering the show’s no spoilers policy!)”

And it all confirms to the current COVID guidelines, running at half capacity and with social distancing between event goers. I’ve never gone to an immersive theatre story before, though I do act for a theatre near me. It’ll probably be better with a smaller capacity, although I’m sure, for creators, nothing will beat a filled venue!

There are still things that the creators are keeping under wraps for now, including any monsters besides the Daleks and Cybermen. I reckon there will be a few other famous ones: I would surprised if the Sontarans and Zygons aren’t included.

Yesterday (26th May 2021) was the first preview performance of Time Fracture, while tickets for the event proper are also on sale now!

Jordan Shortman

The Many Worlds of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

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