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Missy Teams Up with the Meddling Monk!

Michelle Gomez is back playing Missy, the female incarnation of the Master, in an upcoming boxset for Big Finish — and this time, she’s teaming up with the Meddling Monk.

The Monk is played by Rufus Hound, taking on the role which was first played by Peter Butterworth.

Due for release in September 2021, Missy and the Monk finds Gomez’s character running amok in three brand new stories, with a (reluctant) companion of her own. Expect wild schemes, unexpected twists, and more than a little mayhem in these tales:

  • Body and Soulless by James Goss 
  • War Seed by Johnny Candon 
  • Two Monks, One Mistress by James Kettle 

Producer David Richardson said:

“I love working on Missy. It never fails to put a huge smile on my face – the scripts are always wickedly funny, and Michelle never fails to take them into even funnier territory. She loves to play with the dialogue, and the results are always glorious. And, the icing on a wonderful cake, this time we have Rufus Hound in every episode as the Meddling Monk, Missy’s own companion. He’s in for a hilariously miserable time.” 

Michelle Gomez added:

“I just think Missy’s delightful. She’s always finding everything so fun and she takes such joy and pride in her badness! She has an easy laugh, she’s mischievous – I guess there’s a lot of me in her – and maybe I bring a bit of that to the table. I just love having fun with her!” 

Missy and the Monk is now available to pre-order on CD for £24.99 or a digital download (for £19.99), exclusively from Big Finish.

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Missy Teams Up with the Meddling Monk!

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