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HeroCollector Announces a Very Exciting Doctor Who TARDIS Advent Calendar

Hero Collector is releasing a Doctor Who advent calendar ready for the festivities this year — including some cool exclusives behind each door.

What’s more, it’s shaped like the TARDIS, and when you open up the middle, you can see the interior of the Time-Space Ship.

This luxury box calendar is absolutely stuffed with 24 high-quality festive gifts and accessories. These include a TARDIS-shaped sandwich cutter, a set of coasters with artwork inspired by iconic Doctor Who episodes like Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, Blink, and The Angels Take Manhattan, a Dalek bottle opener, a TARDIS luggage tag, and even a Sontaran egg cup. And of course plenty more!

Created by fans, for fans, each day’s gift comes with a festive note detailing the story and trivia behind it, both wrapped together in branded tissue paper. The calendar also doubles up as a unique storage and display unit to be used long after Christmas is over.

Premium advent calendars have really proved hugely popular recently, so it’s about time Doctor Who got the same treatment. This one, while expensive compared to the common-or-garden chocolate advents, seems a great buy, considering the wealth of exclusive material inside that caters for fans of all eras.

This could be a real rarity and a huge collectable in the future…

You can order the TARDIS Advent from Hero Collector in the UK and USA. It goes on sale in September 2021, and UK readers can pre-order now; those in America can go on a waiting list and pre-order from July.

Philip Bates

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HeroCollector Announces a Very Exciting Doctor Who TARDIS Advent Calendar

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