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Check Out This Clip From New The Web of Fear Animation

As previously announced, The Web of Fear Episode 3 is getting the animation treatment — and now we have the covers for the Blu-ray, DVD, and steelbook releases, plus confirmation of special features and a short clip.

The Web of Fear is the partly missing Doctor Who Season 5 story which reintroduced the Great Intelligence; the missing third episode is significant for being the first appearance of the popular character Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart (before his promotion to Brigadier).

The six episodes (available in black and white and the newly constructed animation in colour and black and white) will include the following exclusive special features:

  • Audio commentaries on all episodes (with two on Episode 1)
  • An Episode 3 Telesnap Reconstruction
  • Photo Gallery
  • A ‘Making Of’ documentary
  • A ‘Making the Animation’ documentary
  • The Web of Fear Trailer
  • The Missing Years documentary
  • The Many Voices of Jack Woolgar documentary

The BBC has released a clip from Episode 3, with… interesting animation.

It’s clearly a new kind of style for The Web Of Fear, though plenty of other serials have been animated — including The Reign of Terror, The Moonbase, and The Macra Terror — by various other studios.

The steelbook, DVD, and Blu-ray art do at least look neat.

The Web of Fear is available to pre-order now, and will be released on 16th August 2021 in the UK.

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Check Out This Clip From New The Web of Fear Animation

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