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Character Options Unveil New Doctor Who Action Figures — Including The Sensorites!

Character Options has revealed three new four sets of Doctor Who action figures, destined for B&M Stores across the UK, including four new Daleks, Ian Chesterton with the Voord from The Keys of Marinus, and the First Doctor alongside two Sensorites!

Yep, we’re actually getting action figures of the Sensorites.

Both the Sensorites and the Voord debuted in 1964, so for kids and big kids to get to actually play with them now, in 2021, is incredible.

And for those Dalek obsessives, the two related sets include designs from The Power of the Daleks and Day of the Daleks.

Each set will include highly detailed 5.5 inch scale figures featuring multiple points of articulation and come presented in the ‘heritage’ Doctor Who packaging (i.e. not with specially created insert artwork.

Here are the four sets in detail:

The Sensorites (1964) collector figure set

This Doctor Who Collectors set is a must have for all Doctor Who fans and collectors and includes a trio of detailed Doctor Who figures from the classic 1964 episode, The Sensorites.

The Sensorites were a terrific alien species with their telepathic abilities and peaceful overtures. Their appearance at the window towards the end of episode 1 must rate as one of the creepiest entrances of any alien in the show.

Celebrating the episode fans will be able to enjoy a First Doctor figure, a Sensorite Action Figure with Probe Accessory plus an alternative Sensorite ELDER Action Figure with Probe Accessory.

For the first time in a 3 figure pack, we have a detailed insert card, rather than bare white card.

The Keys of Marinus collector figure set

Also from a classic episode of 1964 is The Keys of Marinus Collector Figure three figure Set.

This Ian Chesterton Action Figure depicts one of the Doctors very first companions and is accompanied by not one but two Voord Warrior Action Figures with dagger accessory. The evil Voord, Warriors of the Planet Marinus, with its arid land and acid seas are extremely memorable because of their truly unique design and are replicated in this classic set.

Again, this comes with a detailed insert card.

History Daleks #5 Power of the Daleks collector figure set

The Doctor Who Daleks’ Collector Sets have their very own fan base and to mix things up a little the next two sets are slightly out of order to give a more varied on shelf presence.

So first up is Set #5 The Power of the Daleks Set, comprising of two highly detailed Daleks – The Silver Drone Dalek and Drone with Mutant Scoop Dalek.

History Daleks #7 Day of the Daleks collector figure set

Finally, we jump one story forwards to the next decade to 1972’s Day of the Daleks and the Daleks’ first foray into colour TV with Collector Set #7 which celebrates this four part story first shown in January of that year.

In this set you’ll find the highly detailed Gold Supreme Dalek and Grey drone Dalek as seen in the episodes.

Considered a classic among Doctor Who fans, this episode saw the Third Doctor and his companions Jo and U.N.I.T take on Time Travelling guerrillas, Ogrons and the Daleks, in a bid to avert World War III.

Al Dewar, Character Options’ Creative Director, said:

“Once again we are delighted to be working with B&M in bringing a fresh new collection to the legions of fans. This substantial line up represents some of the finest early Doctor Who episodes and will be familiar to many from diehard fans to adults that spent their child hoods hiding behind the sofa at teatime!”

Will you be picking up any of these sets, DWC readers?

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Character Options Unveil New Doctor Who Action Figures — Including The Sensorites!

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