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Worth Repeating For Those at the Back: Olly Alexander ISN’T the Fourteenth Doctor

With speculation still rife about the identity of the upcoming Fourteenth Doctor, and rumours currently circulating that David Tennant will be returning either as the new Doctor or as a version of the Tenth Doctor, you might think that attention has turned from Olly Alexander.

However, for the 31-year-old singer-songwriter and actor, that attention hasn’t ceased, even though he and returning showrunner, Russell T Davies have both said that he won’t be playing the Doctor.

In a recent episode of the morning television show, Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly brought the subject up with Alexander, though he was quick to shut that down. He said:

“Aww. It would be amazing, but I’m definitely not the Doctor. But I love the show and I can’t wait to watch it when it gets rebooted.”

Alexander quickly said that rather than the Doctor he would like to play a sort of sexy witch instead. So, uhm, take from that whatever you will.

Perhaps a more interesting word to notice in the quote from Alexander is the term ‘rebooted’.

There have been rumours that the show will be being rebooted, but I think it’s fans trying to read something into things that aren’t really there. Each time there is a new Doctor, does the show not get ‘rebooted’ in some shape or form? Using the word ‘rebooted’ is an interesting choice if the rumours do indeed bear some fruit. But then maybe he just forgot the word ‘regenerate’.

So while everyone is saying that Olly Alexander is most certainly not going to play the new Doctor, he and Kelly both had a little talk about him ‘bouncing into the show’ and making a one-off appearence. He mentioned Kylie Minogue doing a similar thing. Minogue had previously appeared alongside David Tennant as the doomed waitress Astrid Peth in the Christmas adventure, or disaster, Voyage of the Damned.

I think Alexander would make a good one off appearance in Who, but I just can’t see him playing the Doctor. And it seems he doesn’t really want to. Maybe like he said, a one off appearance is all he wants.

At least now, once and for all, the rumour of him playing the upcoming Doctor has finally been put to bed. Please.

Jordan Shortman

Worth Repeating For Those at the Back: Olly Alexander ISN’T the Fourteenth Doctor

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 2 min
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