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Doctor Who Comes to Fortnite: Play for Free Now!

Doctor Who is now a part of the popular free-to-play Battle Royale online game, Fortnite. If you’re not sure which of the major online games we’re talking about, it’s not the cube-y one — that’s Minecraft.

Players can take on new adventures, missions, and battles, while exploring iconic locations from the Whoniverse, including Kerblam! on the moon of Kandoka to experience box fighting like never before, with the Kerblam Man looking on. That’s all available on a brand-new Doctor Who island within the game.

When the mysterious Reality Virus causes the TARDIS to appear on the island, players must help repair it by finding the parts to fix the Dynamorphic generators….

The Doctor Who part of the game starts on the TARDIS Landing Site where players will find the Space-Time Ship and start their quest to gather the Dynamorphic Generator Crystals (sounds a bit Krotons) from around the hub island in order to repair it. Special rewards and surprises will keep players on their toes along the way.

On the Escape Map, players must escape the QuadZone Rescue Space Craft while stopping the destructive Pting, an alien from The Tsuranga Conundrum causing chaos by eating the ship’s systems. As the self-destruct sequence has been initiated, players must find all 10 mechanical parts to repair the Life Pod and escape. The Reality Virus has caused many realities to coexist on Gallifrey. On the Rumble Map, players will choose a team and their weapon loadout to fight for either the Time Lords or the Daleks in an all-out battle.

Mat Way, Global Director, Gaming & Interactive at BBC Studios, said:

“Developing an island in Fortnite is new territory for Doctor Who and we’re excited to welcome the game’s established players into the Whoniverse. This is a great opportunity to introduce a gaming audience to Doctor Who and also for the existing community to experience a brand-new adventure. Players can expect a fast-paced, unpredictable journey with familiar friends and foes making appearances along the way.”

For those interested in learning more about the Doctor’s world, they can head to the Doctor Who Museum. Here there’s more info about the famous friends and foes of the Doctor, including the Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, K9, and the TARDIS.

Players can visit the Doctor Who island for free by downloading Fortnite on their preferred device or console. From the main menu, change game mode, select “Island Code” and enter code 3610-1396-4646.

This is an independently created Fortnite Creative experience and is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games, Inc.

Nonetheless, we’re fans of Epic Games, particularly for raising some $70 million USD (that’s over £53 million) in humanitarian relief funds to support people affected by the war in Ukraine. Fantastic work!

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Doctor Who Comes to Fortnite: Play for Free Now!

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