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Someone Else Was Nearly Cast as the Next Doctor Before Ncuti Gatwa Auditioned

Showrunner, Russell T Davies has revealed that someone else was almost cast as the Fourteenth Doctor — until, that is, Ncuti Gatwa auditioned and blew them all away!

Davies teased:

“It was an amazing audition and the last person to audition. I thought someone else was a guaranteed hit and then in [Ncuti] came and that person will never know. I shouldn’t do that.”

He then added that Ncuti “simply stole it because [his audition] was so brilliant”.

Of course, this all bodes very well for the upcoming new era, with the Sex Education star front and centre. But it’s also very intriguing that we have another mysterious figure in the long line of People Who Were Almost Cast As Doctor Who.

It’s pretty pointless speculating as it could be absolutely anyone, but for the sake of setting the internet alight, let’s say it was David Tennant.

Ncuti was revealed as the Fourteenth Doctor last Sunday (8th May 2022), ready for Gatwa and Davies to hit the red carpet at that evening’s BAFTA event.

We don’t actually know when we’ll see Gatwa’s Doctor, seeing as there are rumours that Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration is open-ended, so we won’t meet Doctor #14 until the next episode… or maybe even the next series! Will Russell actually debut the new incarnation of everyone’s favourite Time Lord during the 60th anniversary special? It seems a risky and unprecedented move, but perhaps that’s the point.

And it’s not entirely unprecedented: Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor briefly cameoed in The Day of the Doctor!

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Someone Else Was Nearly Cast as the Next Doctor Before Ncuti Gatwa Auditioned

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