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It’s River Song Versus the Autons and in the Library in Big Finish’s Two Rivers and a Waterfall

Alex Kingston returns as Professor River Song in four standalone tales from different chapters of her life as well as her digital afterlife, in Big Finish’s The Diary Of River Song: Two Rivers And A Firewall.

We briefly glimpsed the Library in 2008’s Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, and this set includes the return of Harry Peacock as Proper Dave.

In Two Rivers And A Firewall, River encounters ageless royals, teams up with a reckless version of herself, and then, on a deserted shopping mall planet, faces the terrifying Autons for the very first time.

Here’s what’s inside:

The Two Rivers by Tim Foley

River Song finds herself on an irresistible mission — investigating the tomb of the legendary River Song! Except the statues don’t resemble her and the tomb contains the body of someone very different… or does it?

Beauty on the Inside by Lizzie Hopley

It would seem to be a perfectly ordinary painting of a forgettable royal family — so why did a biochemist smuggle it out of a closed colony at the cost of her own life? River is determined to find out.

Black Friday by Lauren Mooney & Stewart Pringle

Omnia Forum might just be the greatest shop in the galaxy and it’s celebrating two hundred years at the heart of the retail sector. But when River attends the celebratory gala she finds it less ‘everything must go’ and more ‘everything has gone’… apart from the Autons.

Firewall by Barnaby Kay

River is living her dream life with her dream husband. But every paradise has a serpent and this husband might not quite be up to the task.

The cast includes Paul Bazely (The Ipcress File), Victoria Ekanoye (Coronation Street), and Susan Momoko Hingley (Years and Years). And introducing: Mimî M Khayisa (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) as the Other River Song.

Script Editor, John Dorney said:

“I think everyone loves the Autons, don’t they? There’s a reason they were chosen to launch Doctor Who’s return back in 2005. They’re a strong and scary monster and there’s always more that can be done with them. River’s a strong protagonist so she needs great enemies — and, as she’d never encountered the plastic menaces, Lauren Mooney and Stewart Pringle’s idea was impossible to turn down.

“Lauren and Stewart have been doing great work for some time, both at Big Finish and in the wider writing world. It seemed a no-brainer to bring them into a series like The Diary of River Song and they felt a perfect fit from the get-go.”

Co-writer of Black Friday, Stewart Pringle said:

“We were really excited to write something that was funny, action-packed and with wild scenarios — all of the elements that feel intrinsic with that River Song character.

“I’m absolutely obsessed with the Autons. Spearhead from Space (1970) and Terror of the Autons (1971) are favourite Doctor Who stories of both of ours. We’ve always felt like the Autons were the most exciting of the classic villains and have always loved it when they’ve come back in modern Who.”

Co-writer, Lauren Mooney added:

“I remember being so excited when I found out the Autons were going to be the monster in Rose (2005) — it’s one of my earliest Doctor Who memories as a child. I thought it was perfect. This is only our second Big Finish story and the first opportunity we’ve had to bring back an existing creature — so it has to be the Autons.”

The Diary Of River Song: Two Rivers And A Firewall is now available to pre-order for £24.99 (as a CD and download) or £19.99 (download only). Or you can save money by purchasing this box set in a bundle together with The Diary of River Song: New Recruit for £48 (CD box set + download) or £39 (download only).

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It’s River Song Versus the Autons and in the Library in Big Finish’s Two Rivers and a Waterfall

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