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Expect “Cameo Appearances” From Former Companions in the Doctor Who Centenary Special

The Mirror is reporting that more former Doctor Who companions will make “a host of cameo appearances” in Jodie Whittaker’s last story as the Thirteenth Doctor.

Minor spoilers follow, alongside a shed-load of speculation…

It’s already been confirmed that Sophie Aldred and Janet Fielding are coming back as Ace and Tegan Jovanka respectively, but now, rumours persist that they won’t be the only returning companions. Bradley Walsh is heavily rumoured to be coming back as Thirteenth Doctor companion, Graham O’Brien (and by “heavily rumoured”, we do mean, “we saw him on set” — although, equally, he might’ve just been visiting his friends as production was drawing to a close).

Now, The Mirror claims that more familiar faces will be seen again, helping the Doctor battle Cybermen, Daleks, and the Master, the latter played by Sacha Dhawan.

Furthermore, the tabloid says that the Doctor and her peers will don clothes worn by previous incarnations of the Time Lord — including “the striped scarf belonging to fourth Doctor Tom Baker from the 70s, the bizarre celery sprig sported by Doctor number five Peter Davison in the early 80s plus the checked trousers favoured by Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor in 1963 [sic to basically all of the above]”. No, Troughton didn’t wear checked trousers in 1963. At least, not for Doctor Who. Maybe in his personal life, who knows? It was William Hartnell who wore the trousers in 1963. But there we are.

Such inaccuracies don’t mean that The Mirror isn’t spot on with this, however. Indeed, we’ve heard some stuff about this behind the scenes. So it’s pretty likely, we’d say.

A source apparently said:

“Getting Jodie – and some others – to wear some of the best-loved items from the Doctors’ wardrobes over the decades, seems a fitting and perfect way to mark the BBC’s 100 year anniversary.”

Uh, yes, fitting and perfect. Let’s go with that.

Or we could just say, “heh, that’s neat.” Which it is. In the same way it was neat to see the Eleventh Doctor wearing the Fourth Doctor’s scarf in A Christmas Carol, Osgood wearing the Seventh Doctor’s jumper in The Zygon Invasion/ The Zygon Inversion, and the Thirteenth Doctor sporting a fez that the Eleventh Doctor would’ve been proud of in Kerblam! (to name just a very few instances).

So there we have it: the next episode of Doctor Who will feature people wearing things. Cool, cool.

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Expect “Cameo Appearances” From Former Companions in the Doctor Who Centenary Special

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