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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #581 Remembers Bernard Cribbins and Donald Cotton

Following the passing of Bernard Cribbins, Doctor Who Magazine pays tribute to the much-loved actor who played Wilfred Mott.

Returning showrunner Russell T Davies writes about the late Bernard Cribbins, alongside recollections from John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Phil Collinson (producer), Julie Gardner (producer), Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble), Matt Lucas (Nardole), and directors, Euros Lyn, Douglas Mackinnon, and James Strong.

And the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine also includes:

  • An exclusive preview of the new animated version of 1967’s The Abominable Snowmen, with full details of the DVD and Blu-ray special features.
  • The life and career of the enigmatic Donald Cotton, the writer of The Myth Makers (1965) and The Gunfighters (1966), as remembered by his family and friends. Plus, previously unpublished extracts from Cotton’s handwritten notes reveal the earliest versions of his two Doctor Who adventures.
  • CG recreations of the sets from The Abominable Snowmen, revealing how Lime Grove Studio D was transformed into a Himalayan monastery.
  • Collectivity meets fans with a passion for collecting original scripts.
  • Gallifrey is invaded as The Fact of Fiction begins its in-depth exploration of 1977’s The Invasion of Time.
  • The results of the 2022 DWM survey are announced – what were your favourite Doctor Who episodes and merchandise?
  • Part Two of The Everlasting Summer, a brand-new comic-strip adventure for the Doctor, Yaz, and Dan.

PLUS: Previews, reviews, news, prize-winning competitions, Time and Space Visualiser, Sufficient Data and more.

Doctor Who Magazine #581 is on sale now, priced £6.99.

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #581 Remembers Bernard Cribbins and Donald Cotton

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