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We Finally Have Confirmation of When the Doctor Who Centenary Special Will Air!

As has been rumoured for some time now, the next episode of Doctor Who will air in October 2022 — heck, that’s next month!

New showrunner, Russell T Davies, told fans that the BBC Centenary special will screen in October, but until now, we’ve not had confirmation until now. Sort of. This didn’t come straight from the BBC but it did come from Charlotte Moore, the BBC’s Chief Content Officer, so we’re counting this as confirmation.

Speaking at the Edinburgh International TV Festival, Moore revealed:

“We’ve got a week celebrating our centenary in October, where we’ll have some specials. We’ve got the Doctor Who Centenary Special.”

But when pressed for more details, she went on:

“I cannot tell you anything about that!”

Wat we do know is that it’s written by departing showrunner, Chris Chibnall, and it will be Jodie Whittaker’s last episode as the Thirteenth Doctor. Presumably, Mandip Gill and John Bishop will also be leaving their respective roles as Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis.

Sacha Dhawan is set to return as the Master, alongside Patrick O’Kane as Ashad, the lone Cyberman — well, not that “lone”; he’ll be joined by both Cybermen and Daleks.

Plus, Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldred are coming back as Tegan Jovanka and Ace!

This “Centenary Special”, of course, isn’t the 100th anniversary of Doctor Who (2023 is the show’s 60th), but instead refers to the BBC’s milestone celebration. We don’t yet know the actual title of the episode, but we should hear pretty soon, let’s hope.

So: October 2022. That’s just around the corner, folks.

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We Finally Have Confirmation of When the Doctor Who Centenary Special Will Air!

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