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Tom Kingsley Revealed as the Director of a Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special

It looks like Tom Kingsley has directed the second of three special Doctor Who stories for the show’s 60th anniversary year.

Kingsley’s name has appeared on the list of directors, alongside Rachel Talalay (World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls) and Chanya Button, on the CV of Hair & Makeup Designer, Steve Smith, then further that of the Director of Photography, Nick Dance.

And this does appear to confirm that there will be three specials in 2023, celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who. These are set to feature David Tennant and Catherine Tate returning as the Doctor and Donna Noble respectively, plus, as hinted at by Tennant, more cameos.

Nothing is known about Kingsley’s episode (except it’s written by new showrunner, Russell T Davies), because it’s been filmed in studio, not on location.

Tom Kingsley’s inclusion is certainly a positive for the series: you might know him for working on Ghosts, the impeccable comedy/drama starring the former Horrible Histories crew. The ingenious thing about Ghosts is that some scenes are filmed twice, once with and once without the titular ghosts, so it’s a logical nightmare. The 2019 episode, Moonah Ston, is a particularly good example of this. It bodes well, then, that Kingsley is working on Doctor Who.

You might also know him for This Is Going To Hurt, Pls Like, and Stath Lets Flats.

Tom Kingsley hasn’t yet been confirmed as working on Doctor Who by the BBC, but it’s only a matter of time.

This means that the first anniversary episode is directed by Talalay, the second by Kingsley, and the third by Chanya Button, director of the 2018 film, Vita and Virginia.

Exciting times lie ahead…

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Tom Kingsley Revealed as the Director of a Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Special

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