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Doctor Who Nominated for TV Choice 2022 Award

It’s that time of year again with awards shows almost in full swing. This time, Doctor Who has been included in the TV Choice 2022 awards; only for one category though — Best Family Drama.

All the other choices from the same category are also hit BBC1 shows including Casualty, Call the Midwife and Around the World in 80 Days (starring David Tennant). There are a couple in this category I’m not sure I’d class as a family show though; Casualty is a little too graphic in the gore department and you might be hard pressed to find any family that watches something like Call the Midwife together.

But while Doctor Who has only been nominated in the one category, there are other Doctor Who actors who have been nominated in various categories. Jonathan Bailey (Time Heist), Jenny Agutter (The Bride of Peladon), and Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka) are up for best actor and actress awards. Bradley Walsh (Graham O’Brien) is up for three awards for The Chase, Breaking Dad, and The Larkins, with Alexander Armstrong (The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe) and Pointless being nominated TOO.

It is a little strange that Doctor Who wouldn’t be up for a few more awards or nominations; I’m surprised Jodie Whittaker or Mandip Gill haven’t been included in the Best Actress category or John Bishop in the Best Actor. Of course, this could be because the TV Choice Awards don’t include things like guest actors, special effects, writing, or directing categories. So while Doctor Who has only been nominated for one category, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy or has been deemed a failure; it’s just the categories in these awards don’t include wider departments.

What might prove to be a problem would be if Doctor Who doesn’t get a look in for some other awards. But could that be because the BBC seems to have lost faith in the show or just because people aren’t giving it the time it deserves? I guess we’ll find out. While the Thirteenth Doctor’s era hasn’t been one of my favourites, it is more than deserving of some bigger and better awards than just Best Family Drama.

The winners of the TV Choice 2022 Awards will be announced on the 14th November 2022. Anyone wanting to tune in will be able to watch the show on all the TV Choice social media accounts, including awards ceremonies, red carpet arrivals, and live reactions.

Jordan Shortman

Doctor Who Nominated for TV Choice 2022 Award

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 2 min
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