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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor?

So that’s it: the end of an era. The Power of the Doctor brought to a close the Thirteenth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS and Chris Chibnall’s time as showrunner of Doctor Who. In the mix were a few surprises, as well as the return of Seventh Doctor companion, Ace (Sophie Aldred), and Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding), companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.

Plus: Daleks. Cybermen. The Master. And more!

But what did you actually think of it? Was this a fantastic end of a chapter in Doctor Who‘s long history? Was it a middling departure for this incarnation of the Time Lord? Or was it a damp squib? We’d love to know your thoughts, so why not vote in our poll?

Voted? Superb. Thanks. But we’re not done yet!

The DWC want to know more. Why did you vote the way you did? Expand on your thoughts in the comments section. Remember to keep things nice and respectful: we never all agree with each other, but we’re all fans of this silly show called Doctor Who.

What did you think of the regeneration? How about how Ace and Tegan were treated? Did all the companions get a good enough goodbye? And what about that final scene? Where is Doctor Who heading next? Not long until the 60th anniversary year…

Philip Bates

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What Did You Think of Doctor Who: The Power of the Doctor?

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