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Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #3 — The Cave

Of the many myths and fables told in the old times, caves are often rich fodder. Mysteries hidden in the dark. What lurks within? In this, the third print of the Marco Polo Collection, we visit “The Cave” and its myriad number of faces upon the wall. 

In conjunction with the 60th year of Doctor Who, the celebration continues with “The Cave”, exclusively available at Redbubble, this high resolution image can be obtained in any number of forms and sizes, on prints, posters, cards, and other merchandise.

Some say the faces and their gleaming eyes represent the villains who died in the cave, their souls laid bare, trapped forever in the cave as a cautionary tale. So some say. It matters not, as the disreputable, the conniving, the evil of men still frequent its dark environs.

Unsurprisingly, there is danger at every turn that plagued Polo’s caravan, and it was difficult to know who to trust. Representing the Great Kublai Khan could be a double edged sword that one could wield, or be impaled upon, and this cave is just one of those mysterious dangers. I found the notion of the cave faces with gems for “eyes” fascinating and thought they’d be a perfect addition to the collection.

And I’ve now got two versions of each print going up. The standard version with the image only, and the enhance version including a border and title, all available at Redbubble in the section titled “the Marco Polo Collection”.

Note: the image above is of low resolution for the purposed of this article only, as the actual image is high resolution, perfect for the prints available. The Marco Polo Collection will continue next time with “The Caravan”…

Rick Lundeen

Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #3 — The Cave

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