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Free to Download: Timeslides — The Comic Strip Art of Colin Howard

To round off our festive celebrations (it being Twelfth Night), we’ve got a special treat: a free downloadable PDF book called Timeslides: The Comic Strip Art of Colin Howard!

This comes courtesy of Candy Jar Books and is comprised of extracts from the full Timeslides book, which collects together Colin’s wonderful Doctor Who work, including the VHS covers, Doctor Who Magazine artwork, private commissions, and more.

Timeslides: The Comic Strip Art of Colin Howard focuses on his comic art, notably from Doctor Who Classic Comics. It also includes some never-before-seen paintings, concluding with a brand-new piece Colin’s created as a Christmas greeting to fans.

Just click here to download this free PDF!

Each piece is accompanied by a brief extract from the full Timeslides tome, with Colin providing a commentary to his paintings. The commentary itself in the complete Timeslides comes in at more than 36,000 words, so there’s plenty to learn about how Col brought his pictures to life.

This free PDF also includes a few comic-related testimonials from peers and fellow fans of Howard’s art, including Gary Russell and Nick Abadzis.

Here’s the blurb for Timeslides:

Colin Howard’s art graced the covers of around thirty VHS releases, and for the first time ever, they’re collected together in Timeslides: The Doctor Who Art of Colin Howard.

Join Colin as he opens his personal archive and takes you on a tour of his Doctor Who universe – from iconic videos to book covers, from illustrations to private commissions. Featuring original sketches, unpublished designs, and a fascinating commentary, Timeslides takes you further behind the scenes than ever before.

Colin discusses the lack of reference material in a pre-internet world, achieving the high level of detail everyone expects from his stunning pieces, his ongoing battles with Multiple Sclerosis, meeting his definitive Doctor Who companion and making her a promise, and much more.

Colin’s work has been featured in the Target novelisation range; on the covers of the Doctor Who Classic Comics, and the past Doctor and Eighth Doctor Adventures novels; in Doctor Who Magazine; and even in recent DVD and Blu-ray animations like The Evil of the Daleks.

Download Timeslides: The Comic Strip Art of Colin Howard completely free here.

Timeslides: The Doctor Who Artwork of Colin Howard is available now from Candy Jar Books in paperback or as a limited edition hardback.

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Free to Download: Timeslides — The Comic Strip Art of Colin Howard

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