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Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #4 — The Caravan

The chilled nights in the mountains, the days spent in the high heat the desert, and staying strong and alert during a seemingly endless trek in the brutal climates. Marco Polo’s company traverses the landscape, with its line of people, animal, carts and goods trailing into the horizon. This is the caravan. Marco Polo’s band spends months advancing across the terrain, always on the lookout for dangers, whatever form they may take…

In honor of Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, and inspired by the seven part, pure historical drama, we continue the Marco Polo collection with “the Caravan”. Available at Redbubble, this high resolution image can be obtained in any number of forms and sizes, on prints, posters, cards, and other merchandise. And with all prints, there is a choice of the standard image, or the enhanced version with the title and border included.

One of the most important narrative devices setting Marco Polo apart from standard Doctor Who episodes was the journal/travelog Marco Polo himself shares with the audience as the story progresses, complete with a map showing the caravan’s progress. This diary expressing Polo’s joys and fears drew the audience even deeper into the story as it unfolded. An unusual bit of creative license the show, oddly, hasn’t really seen since.

Also available in “The Marco Polo Collection” at Redbubble:

Note: the image above is of low resolution for the purposes of this article only, as the actual image is high resolution, perfect for the prints available.

The Marco Polo Collection will continue next time with “Attack on the Camp”…

Rick Lundeen

Available Now: The Marco Polo Collection Art Print #4 — The Caravan

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