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Steven Moffat: “I Believe Doctor Who Can Go On Forever Like Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes”

Former showrunner, Steven Moffat, has said that he believes Doctor Who has the capacity to “go on forever”.

Ahead of Russell T Davies’ new era of the show launching, Moffat was at the Radio Times Covers Party and was asked about his hopes for the programme. He replied:

“I just want it to go on. I want it to not stop. I want it to, and I know [Russell’s] going to, make use of its infinite adaptability to always be the number one predator in the environment.

“That’s what I want. I want it to go on forever. I believe it can. Like the stories of Robin Hood and King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. Some things always go on.”

It’s an interesting thing because it does feel like Doctor Who could continue for many decades, but it’s also pretty unique. The legends and stories Steven mentions there originated in different mediums — TV obviously hasn’t been around all that long, at least in comparison to the tales of Robin of Locksley or Arthur Conan Doyle’s Great Detective, so nothing has had the chance to establish that longevity via television as a medium.

That is, so far. Doctor Who is an outlier, in that it has survived cancellation — now, plenty of shows have done that, but fewer have come back after such an extended period in other mediums, i.e. audio, books, comics.

If any TV show could outline the idiot’s lantern, then surely the continued adventures of the Time Lord in a blue box, knocking about all time and space seems a strong contender.

Either way, great to hear that Steven, who was showrunner from 2010 to 2017, still loves Doctor Who!

Philip Bates

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Steven Moffat: “I Believe Doctor Who Can Go On Forever Like Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes”

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