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Peter Hoar Would Love to Return to Direct Doctor Who (But It’s Not Happening Yet)

Peter Hoar has said that he’d love to return to direct another episode of Doctor Who, but it’s not “on the cards right now” – despite him previously having worked with new showrunner, Russell T Davies, on It’s A Sin.

Hoar, who directed the gorgeous 2011 episode, A Good Man Goes to War, said:

“I would love to do another Doctor Who but it’s not on the cards right now. I’m not pretending or anything – I know people like to play that game.

“I was with [Russell] last night and someone asked the exact same question, ‘Oh, does this mean you’re going to do Doctor Who together?’ and I said, ‘No,’ and you could tell nobody believed a word I was saying, but it’s true. I grew up with Doctor Who, hence why I would do it again.”

I really like Hoar’s work — it’s always a little thrill to see his name pop up on the various Marvel series I enjoy, chiefly Daredevil (for which he helmed three episodes) and Cloak and Dagger (one episode). He’s also directed high-profile, beloved series like Spooks, Shetland, and The Umbrella Academy. So I’d very much being up for him coming back to Doctor Who.

And especially as he further explained why Doctor Who is important to him:

“I grew up with that show, and I’m here because of that show. And from that, I just span out into all kinds of science fiction. I mean, my favourite science fiction is like The Last of Us where it’s not massive, it’s like, you know, just a twist of fate that becomes our all of our fates, all of our lives. It’s a quick little tiny change.

“And that’s pure science fiction, really, as opposed to science fantasy, like Star Wars, or whatever else, because then it becomes epic and big and wonderful but the humanity is sometimes lost.”

That pretty much aligns with my view of Star Wars actually — you tend to lose the intimate connection, which makes it less engaging. I know lots of Star Wars fans will be fuming about that, but hey, that’s just how I feel about the franchise!

Either way, it’d be cool to see Hoar back to Who. Are there any other directors you’d like to see return, DWC readers?

Philip Bates

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Peter Hoar Would Love to Return to Direct Doctor Who (But It’s Not Happening Yet)

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