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Just A Brand New Photo of Tom Baker With a Dalek

Ah heck, it’s Friday and a break from work is just around the corner — have a photo of Tom Baker with a toy Dalek, to set you up for the Bank Holiday (in the UK) weekend!

Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor between 1974 and 1982, visited Sid’s Emporium in Tenterden, near Ashford, Kent, last week after he was invited along by owners, Donna and Simon. The former, a long-term Doctor Who fan, called Tom a “true gentleman”, which doesn’t surprise us in the slightest.

Pretty joyous, eh?

Sid’s Emporium is made up of 52 stalls, selling all manner of goodies including antiques, curios, and, of course, terrifying pepper pots from Skaro.

The Fourth Doctor only met the Daleks a couple of times on TV, but one of them — Genesis of the Daleks — is an incredibly important one in the history of the show, establishing the earliest days of the mutations and introducing their creator, Davros, and remains a fan favourite. The other, Destiny of the Daleks, is a fun little story which this writer thinks is often unfairly overlooked.

So if seeing Tom posing with a toy Dalek makes you want to rewatch Genesis or Destiny, go with that feeling and enjoy!

You can see another photo of the 90-year-old actor at Sid’s Emporium over at Kent Online.

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Just A Brand New Photo of Tom Baker With a Dalek

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