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Time Lord Fairy Tales to be Re-Released in a Slipcase

Like the 12 Doctors, 12 Stories set before it, the Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales hardcover will be re-released as a Slipcase Edition later this year.
The original short story collection hit shelves in October last year, and a new edition – 16 stories, each in hardcover, packaged together in a slipcase box – will also include The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes, a tale exclusive to the set. That’s bound to upset people who have already bought the original collection, but that’s the BBC’s prerogative – you can’t really blame them for trying to sell as much as they can, even if it does annoy some fans. This is essentially the book equivalent of those Special Edition DVDs.
Written by prolific author, Justin Richards, and illustrated by David Wardle, the set collects the following tales:

  • The Garden of Statues;
  • Frozen Beauty;
  • Cinderella and the Magic Box;
  • The Twins in the Wood;
  • The Three Little Sontarans;
  • Jak and the Wormhole;
  • Snow White and the Seven Keys to Doomsday;
  • Little Rose Riding Hood;
  • The Gingerbread Trap;
  • The Scruffy Piper;
  • Helana and the Beast;
  • Andiba and the Four Slitheen;
  • The Grief Collector;
  • The Three Brothers Gruff;
  • Sirgwain and the Green Knight.

Kudos to anyone who can spot the two fairy tales the Eleventh Doctor mentions in Night Terrors (2011).
Each of these were additionally released on audio, with narration by a number of Doctor Who folk – including Tom Baker, Sophie Aldred, Paul McGann, and Rachael Stirling – so it’ll be interesting to see if The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes will be downloadable in the future.
According to Amazon, the new slipcase edition will have an RRP of £20 in the UK, released on 6th October, and $43.99 in the USA and Canada, where it’s apparently out on 28th February 2017 .

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Time Lord Fairy Tales to be Re-Released in a Slipcase

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