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Steven Moffat Drops Hints About The Twelfth Doctor's Regeneration

Despite there being a full season of adventures left to follow the Twelfth Doctor on, thoughts once again turn to his departure, with Steven Moffat sharing his thoughts on Twelve’s final hour this Christmas Day.
Comparing this departure with that of Matt Smith’s regeneration, Moffat, who’ll also be bowing out this Christmas, has told the Radio Times at the BFI and Radio Times Television Festival to expect something very different to the Eleventh Doctor’s last stand on Trenzalore.
“With Matt I had a sort of idea that his entire run should be in the pre-math of a battle he’s having at the end of his life. But with Peter I wasn’t quite sure. I wasn’t sure for a long time whether I’d be writing him out or whether he’d be carrying on with [new showrunner] Chris Chibnall.
“That fits his Doctor, though…His Doctor feels sort of impulsive and in the moment and would do something reckless that you wouldn’t expect. That suits me.”
This less mapped-out plan towards regeneration certainly makes it sound as though the Doctor will not go quietly or perhaps have the moment (which apparently hasn’t been prepared for) come suddenly.
It’s certainly different from the long-hinted at departures for both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors – which is strange considering this is the first actor since Eccleston who announced that he was to depart with all or most of their series still to play out.
However, the moment comes, there’s still the small matter of actually writing the finale – something which Moffat is wrestling with right now.
“And I mean, you can overstate the difficulty of planning a finale for a Doctor. In the end, any Doctor Who story has such catastrophe going on in it, that he could be the one that gets the rock on his head.
“But I think I’m really happy with what we’re doing for his finale. I’m just working on it now. It’s quite early. I should be further through it, but there you go.”
Doctor Who will return this Saturday with The Pilot on BBC One at 19:20.

Andrew Reynolds

Steven Moffat Drops Hints About The Twelfth Doctor's Regeneration

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