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You Can Now Stream All 26 Seasons of Classic Doctor Who

After many years and multiple streaming services, it looks like all of the classic Doctors have found their way home, the long way around. Now all available episodes of the Classic Doctor Who series running from First Doctor, William Hartnell to Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy are now available via BBC and ITV’s streaming service BritBox!
Some of you may be thinking, weren’t the classic Doctor episodes available on Netflix and then Hulu not all that long ago? And you would be correct, my dear and observant reader. However, anyone who tried to watch through them on either service knows that it was but a brief selection and hardly complete. BBC is billing the BritBox collection as complete as far as what has been found and is available.
The BritBox app is available for iOS and Android and they offer a free 7 day trial. Then it’s $6.99 a month thereafter. The biggest selling point for me is that there is an Apple TV app as well if there is anyone out there who is using that as a primary media device in their own home.
Following the debut of Bill Potts in The Pilot, it feels like a good time to revisit those serials where companions join the TARDIS. The Time Warrior maybe? How about Dragonfire? Or The Face of Evil? Of course, you could travel all the way back to the beginning and watch An Unearthly Child
What say you? Is the promise of a complete Classic Doctor Who collection worth the cost of yet another streaming app to you? Or would you rather just collect the DVD/Blu-rays and be done with it? Let us know below!

Nick Kitchen

You Can Now Stream All 26 Seasons of Classic Doctor Who

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