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Georgia Tennant on Big Finish's Jenny – The Doctor's Daughter

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, then wonder no more, as Big Finish have revived the character for her own series of audio adventures.
Reflecting on the role of Jenny – the genetic anomaly artificially created from the Doctor’s DNA who debuted in the 2008 TV episode The Doctor’s Daughter – actor Georgia Tennant told Digital Spy that she wasn’t entirely happy with her performance in that debut episode and had trouble dealing with the duel pressure of appearing in the show and being the daughter of Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison.
She said:
“It’s been such a massive part of my life, and then to get to the point where I’m in it, I just thought, ‘If I can just get through this, it’ll be fine. If I can just say the words in the right order and put one foot in front of the other…’
“Now of course I look back and go, ‘Oh, I could’ve done so much more with that!’ I think it would’ve been really great if I’d done that character now. I felt such pressure back then to just sort of get through it.”
A decade later, she’s had another chance and this time, well, it’s been a lot of fun.

She said:
“I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I was going to enjoy it. The pressure that I felt back then has lifted, and I’ve just had a bit of a laugh!”
In the Big Finish series, Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter, Jenny is a universe-trotting, Time Lord trainee, ably assisted by her own companion, Noah, played by Sean Biggerstaff. It’s a series of adventures that Big Finish have been trying to tell for a long time – with Tennant eager to remould the character to the point that she has been advising on story ideas, scripts and casting.
She added:
“Enough time needed to have had passed after the TV episode, so that I felt like I could put my own mark on her,” she explains. “Because obviously she was effectively born at the beginning of the TV episode, so by the end of it, she’s not formed a massive personality.
“I wanted to make sure that I could create a well-rounded, interesting, fun version of her that I would be happy to commit to. It’s a slightly weird thing in that you’re reprising a role, but actually you’re sort of creating it fresh, because she wasn’t particularly fully-formed [on television].”
Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter is available to buy now on CD or download from Big Finish.

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Georgia Tennant on Big Finish's Jenny – The Doctor's Daughter

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