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Cover Art Revealed for New Doctor Who Book The Secret of Vault 13

You’ve read the blurb(s) now see the cover art for The Secret of Vault 13, the first of two new Doctor Who books by My Brother is a Superhero author David Solomons.
The Secret of Vault 13, with a cool fairy tale cover by illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson, sees the Thirteenth Doctor and friends Graham, Ryan and Yasmin, embark on an incredible adventure through space and time, racing against an ancient and powerful enemy to infiltrate the Galactic Seed Vault – a treasure trove of plant specimens from across the galaxy, located at the coldest spot in the universe. At its heart lies Vault 13, and a terrible secret. The TARDIS team must reach the Vault before it’s too late…

Author and lifelong Doctor Who fan David Solomons shared his excitement about writing not one, but two books for the Thirteenth Doctor with the official Doctor Who site.
He said:
“From an early age I made up my own Doctor Who stories, but I never dreamt that I’d be asked to write a novel set in the Whoniverse. If only the nine-year-old me watching the show from between his fingers could know that the big blue Police Box just paid a visit to his future. I only have one question. How do you describe the sound of the TARDIS – is it “whoop” or more of a “vworp”?’
David Solomons is the best-selling author of the My Brother is a Superhero books, the first of which won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2016 and the British Book Industry Awards Children’s Book of the Year 2016. David also won the 2018 Laugh Out Loud Awards (Lollies) with the second book in this series, My Gym Teacher is an Alien Overlord.
The Secret in Vault 13 will publish in paperback, £6.99, on Thursday 1st November 2018 and is available for pre-order now from Amazon.
The second Doctor Who book will be available in autumn 2019.

Andrew Reynolds

Cover Art Revealed for New Doctor Who Book The Secret of Vault 13

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