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Out Now: The Daleks' Master Plan Vinyl Soundtrack

The “Vinyl Who” collection begins today with the soundtrack to The Daleks’ Master Plan, the epic 12-part serial which pitted William Hartnell’s First Doctor against the Daleks and their deadly Time Destructor. This is
a TV soundtrack adventure – with Peter Purves on linking narration – with the cast including Kevin Stoney as Mavic Chen, Nicholas Courtney as Bret Vyon, Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom, and Peter Butterworth as the Meddling Monk.

The vinyl also includes the serial’s prelude, Mission to the Unknown.

There are two editions available – a standard release, and an Amazon Exclusive, limited to 1000 units. The latter features splatter vinyl and a Dalek etched reverse on Mission to the Unknownthe standard has a Blue Vinyl and a TARDIS etched reverse on Mission to the Unknown.

Here’s the track listing:

  • Disc 1. 1. Mission to the Unknown
  • Disc 2. 1. Episode 1 – The Nightmare Begins 2. Episode 2 – Day of Armageddon
  • Disc 3. 1. Episode 3 – Devil’s Planet 2. Episode 4 – The Traitors
  • Disc 4. 1. Episode 5 – Counter Plot 2. Episode 6 – Coronas of the Sun
  • Disc 5. 1. Episode 7 – The Feast of Steven 2. Episode 8 – Volcano
  • Disc 6. 1. Episode 9 – Golden Death 2. Episode 10 – Escape Switch
  • Disc 7. 1. Episode 11 – The Abandoned Planet 2. Episode 12 – Destruction of Time

The next two instalments in the “Vinyl Who” collection will be part of this year’s Record Store Day – the vinyl soundtracks of Galaxy 4 and Destiny of the Daleks.

The Daleks’ Master Plan vinyl is out now, priced £99.99 – that’s about £14 per LP.

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Out Now: The Daleks' Master Plan Vinyl Soundtrack

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