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A Sarah Jane Adventures Actor is Starring in Doctor Who Series 12

Anjli Mohindra is returning to the Doctor Who universe for Series 12, albeit playing a different character to her role in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Mohindra played Rani Chandra in the Who spin-off, first appearing in The Day of the Clown (2008) and staying with the show until its ending in 2011 (The Man Who Never Was). But in Doctor Who, she’ll play Queen Skithra in either episode 6 or 7 (or potentially both) of Series 12.

The two episodes are filming now, directed by Nida Manzoor (Dixi; Enterprice) and also starring Julia Foster as Marcia. One of these stories will also feature returning aliens, the Judoon.

Interestingly, Rani Chandra’s debut storyline starred Bradley Walsh as its villain; Walsh, of course, plays companion, Graham O’Brien in Doctor Who opposite Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

Since SJA, Mohindra has had a number of high-profile roles in shows like Cucumber, The Missing, The Boy with the Top Knot, and Bodyguard. We’re very much looking forward to seeing her in Doctor Who proper!

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A Sarah Jane Adventures Actor is Starring in Doctor Who Series 12

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