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The Complete List of Doctor Who Series 12 Directors

Filming on the next series of Doctor Who is well underway, and although the BBC is once again keeping things tight to its chest, some details have leaked out – including the list of directors for Series 12.

Most of them have been seen on location, their names spotted on clapperboards; we’ve learnt of others through online CVs.

Surprisingly, there are no returning directors this time around, per se – the same was true of Doctor Who Series 11, so it appears Chris Chibnall is giving more crew the chance to have a go at the show.

Saying this, Jamie Stone has worked on Doctor Who before… sort of. He’s taking on the lion’s share, helming 5 episodes in total, including the season opener and finale. Stone, grandson of former Mastermind host, Magnus Magnusson, previously directed The Last Day, the prelude to The Day of the Doctor in 2013.

Then we have Lee Haven Jones, taking on two episodes, at least one of which filmed in Tenerife.

It appears that Emma Sullivan will only be directing one story, episode 8, while Nida Manzoor takes on the two episodes before this, which are currently going in front of cameras and features the return of the Judoon.

Here’s what the list currently looks like, although running order might obviously change:

  1. Jamie Stone
  2. Jamie Stone
  3. Lee Haven Jones
  4. Lee Haven Jones
  5. Jamie Stone
  6. Nida Manzoor
  7. Nida Manzoor
  8. Emma Sullivan
  9. Jamie Stone
  10. Jamie Stone

Doctor Who Series 12 is due to air in early 2020.

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The Complete List of Doctor Who Series 12 Directors

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