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Jodie Whittaker and the Doctor Who Team Awarded Honourary Doctorates

Did someone call for a Doctor? Jodie Whittaker is now fully qualified, after being granted an honourary doctorate – it’s apt as, in case you missed the news, she’s also the Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who (you really should know that if you’re visiting this site, but never let it be said we don’t welcome fans of all vintages!).

Jodie’s not the only one as Chris Chibnall has also been awarded an honourary doctorate… alongside the entire cast and crew behind the Thirteenth Doctor’s debut episode, The Woman Who Fell To Earth!

These were awarded by Sheffield Hallam University, because the episode was set and partially shot in the city.

Chibnall says:

“The cast and crew of Doctor Who Series 11 are thrilled to be honoured by Sheffield Hallam University this way. From the moment we made the decision for the Doctor to fall out of the sky into the streets and homes of Sheffield in 2018, the residents and the city have treated us brilliantly, on screen and off. Doctor Who is a massive team effort so it’s particularly special that this citation is for the whole cast and crew.”

Yeah, it’s a PR stunt, but it’s a good one and we applaud the university’s initiative. Although equally, we feel sorry for the students paying out thousands of pounds to go through a full PhD. Still, let’s be positive here; there are numerous members of the crew who have worked on the show for many years and it’s nice to see their hard work rewarded.

Congratulations to the Doctor Who team!

Philip Bates

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Jodie Whittaker and the Doctor Who Team Awarded Honourary Doctorates

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