Warren Brown and Matthew McNulty to Guest Star in Doctor Who Series 12

Warren Brown and Matthew McNulty are to star in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who Series 12, although exactly which Brown will be in is yet to be announced. We would presume it’s one of those recently announced, most likely Praxeus by Pete McTighe as we know very little about that story and he wasn’t spotted during location filming for the previous episode, Fugitive of the Judoon. Plus, of course, McNulty was confirmed to be in that story by Doctor Who Magazine, so their joint announcement would make sense.

All we’re teased is that they’ll be in an episode that sees “team TARDIS work to solve a mystery which threatens the entire planet…” So that narrows it down.

Best known for his roles in Versailles, The Musketeers, and more recently Deadwater Fell, Matthew McNulty said:

“I had such a blast filming the episode and couldn’t ask for anything more for my Doctor Who debut.”

Viewers may recognise Warren Brown from Luther, Liar, and Strike Back, but Doctor Who fans will likely know him best for starring in numerous Big Finish stories, notably the recent UNIT releases.

He said:

“I was on such a high when I got the call from my agent, then such a low when I had to keep it top secret and couldn’t tell anyone! I can honestly say though it was and has been one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had to date!”

Matt Strevens, Executive Producer added:

“We are totally thrilled to be welcoming Matthew and Warren to the cast. Their talent and versatility sets this action adventure alight.”

Doctor Who Series 12 continues this Sunday with Orphan 55.