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Ian McElhinney and Steve Toussaint to Star in Doctor Who Series 12 Finale

Ian McElhinney and Steve Toussaint will appear in the 2-part finale of Doctor Who Series 12 as the Doctor comes face-to-face with one of her most dangerous and relentless enemies once more: the Cybermen.

Ascension of the Cybermen (part one) and The Timeless Children (part two) sees the return of the cybernetic race, their last appearance having been in 2017’s World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls. Of course, Captain Jack Harkness teased a “lone Cyberman”; presumably, there’s not just one coming in the series finale…

Ian McElhinney, best known for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Fall, and Game of Thrones, said:

“I very much enjoyed my time on Doctor Who. The team were a delight to work with and everyone was very supportive and welcoming. All in all it was a blast.”

Steve Toussaint (Line of Duty; Judge Dredd; Mutant Chronicles) added:

“It was an honour to play a part in the giant of British (and World) TV that is Doctor Who. What’s not to like? I had such a great time working with Jodie and ‘the Fam’; another one off the bucket list!”

Executive Producer, Matt Strevens said:

“We were delighted to have Ian and Steve on board the TARDIS for the drama filled two-part finale. Their wide-ranging talent and versatility as actors help bring series 12 to a dramatic conclusion. They were an absolute joy to work with and we can’t wait for viewers to see them in action.”

Doctor Who continues on BBC One this Sunday 9th February at 7:10pm

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Ian McElhinney and Steve Toussaint to Star in Doctor Who Series 12 Finale

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