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Check Out Eaglemoss’ Awesome Mega-Sized Weeping Angel Figurine

Ready to terrify your household? Eaglemoss delivers the perfect way to freak people out: a mega-scale figurine of a Weeping Angel, based on their first appearance in Blink (2007)!

The figurine comes with two faces: one “at peace” and another snarling, fangs exposed, a malicious look etched across its features. Ideally, you can tell folk it has one face,then after a few days, when no one else is looking, switch the docile face for the fanged edition, and freak everyone out…

Check it out:

Here’s what The Doctor Who Figurine Collection says:

“The Weeping Angels are ‘quantum locked’ aliens, who freeze into an indestructible, stone-like form whenever someone is watching them – almost like statues…

Rather than killing their victims, the Weeping Angels drain their potential energy – sending them back to the past so that they can die of old age in the present.

Also called the Lonely Assassins, the Weeping Angels debuted in the 2007 Doctor Who episode Blink, and have returned to plague the Doctor and his companions many times since.

This figurine is a limited edition and hand-crafted from metallic resin. This giant-size statuette comes with a choice of two faces, to represent a Weeping Angel frozen mid-pounce!”

The hand-painted model comes with a detailed 20-page magazine about the Angels, and is released on 1st October 2020.

Pre-order directly from Eaglemoss.

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Check Out Eaglemoss’ Awesome Mega-Sized Weeping Angel Figurine

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