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Coming Soon: Daleks Destroy – The Secret Invasion and Other Stories

This December, a new audio title is released, exploring the Daleks’ adventures from Terry Nation’s Dalek Annuals, which many Doctor Who fans won’t have experienced before.

The anthology title includes readings by several familiar names: Nick Briggs, voice of the Daleks on TV since 2005, as well as for Big Finish; Terry Molloy, who played creator, Davros, in numerous TV serials in the 1980s; Steven Pacey, who is well-versed in audiobook recordings; and impressionist, Jon Culshaw.

Here’s the synopsis for Daleks Destroy: The Secret Invasion and Other Stories:

Dalek invasion is imminent!

Attention: the war against the Daleks continues apace in this new collection of vintage stories from the pen of their creator, Terry Nation.

Our successful defence of the galaxy depends on all Anti-Dalek Force agents staying informed of the latest events, in outer space and on a variety of alien planets. That information can be found here!

Intrepid ADF agents Nicholas Briggs, Terry Molloy, Steven Pacey, and Jon Culshaw relate a series of terrifying adventures – The Castaway, The Solution, The Secret Invasion, and The Seeds of Destruction – and issue special briefings including Dalek Terminology, Dalography of Skaro, Recent Findings on the Moon, and The Dalek War Machines. All material is authenticated from Terry Nation’s Dalek Annuals and other books.

Whether in present day London or on further-flung shores, the battle with the Daleks is all around us. Listen now or be exterminated!

Daleks Destroy: The Secret Invasion and Other Stories follows Doctor Who and Dalek Annual recordings from past years, including Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space, Dalek Attack: Blockade and Other Stories, and Doctor Who: The Sinister Sponge and Other Stories.

Daleks Destroy: The Secret Invasion and Other Stories is released on 3rd December 2020.

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Coming Soon: Daleks Destroy – The Secret Invasion and Other Stories

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