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River Song Meets K9 in Big Finish’s Diary of River Song Series 8

Noted archaeologist and detective – and the Doctor’s wife – River Song, is set to meet K9 in the upcoming eighth series of her Big Finish audio adventures.

Alex Kingston stars in The Diary of River Song: Series 8, due to be released in January 2021, and this time, River’s up against robots galore – including the return of the Mechonoids (from The Chase)!

The set also stars Salome Haertel (as android Rachel), Derek Griffiths (as 24th century war criminal, Annam Henic), John Leeson (as the Doctor’s favourite robot dog, K9) Tracy Wiles (as robot cat, FE-LINE), and Nicholas Briggs as The Mechonoids. Plus, Jane Slavin reprises the role of Anya Kingdom, Space Security Service officer, who this time is on a rescue mission with a difference.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s River and robots! Professor River Song is an expert in many things, but her tech skills are tested in these encounters with robotic friends and foes. 

Over the course of four episodes River will battle Mechonoids on an ice world, meet K9 in a ‘forever home’… and help a treasured android friend discover her destiny in the stars. 

The box set comprises four new adventures: 

  • Slight Glimpses of Tomorrow by James Goss 
  • A Brave New World by Tracy Ann Baines 
  • A Forever Home by Alfie Shaw 
  • Queen of the Mechonoids by Jonathan Morris 

The Diary of River Song: Series 8 can now be pre-ordered exclusively from the Big Finish website at the special price of £24.99 as a collector’s edition four-disc CD box set or £19.99 as a download.

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River Song Meets K9 in Big Finish’s Diary of River Song Series 8

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