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Free to Download Now: Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2 – Co-Edited by the DWC’s Andrew Hsieh

From Divergent Wordsmiths comes an unofficial anthology of brand new short stories: Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2!

Like the first volume and the official Big Finish range, these Unbound adventures tell “What if?” scenarios of Doctors originating from alternate timelines and parallel universes – all inspired by Classic, non-canonical, and New Series incarnations alike.

Here are the following details and summaries from the Divergent Wordsmiths press kit (compiled by co-editor and publisher Alan Camlann):

Well-known and beloved among the peoples of the Earth, there are many a myriad Time and space that have yet to be explored in Doctor Who. Beyond the horizons of even our own Doctors’ vivid conceptions, experience eight bold, new adventures in this second volume of Unbound Imaginings!

Foreword by Josh Wanisko (Forever Fallen, Farewell to Kindness) and
Afterword by J.A. Prentice (The Undying Truth, The Hollow Inside, A Half-Share of the Universe)

The eBook contains these stories:

You are cordially invited to the celebration of matrimony between Earth and Gallifrey at Smithwood Manor. You could not hope for better company. On this, the happiest of occasions, wish the Fifth Doctor and Tegan well in Happy Anniversary, Mr Jovanka.

Fresh from Karn, Trevor Martin’s Fourth Doctor, Jenny and Jimmy are guided by the Time Lords to uncover a secret from darkest myth. Trapped and driven to the brink of death, what truly lies at the centre of The City of the Bad Wolf?

The winning side writes history, but sometimes, it’s necessary to stack the deck. A mission to change the future of Skaro. Whatever the cost. Whatever the penalty. Can an anonymous team of time travellers prevent the firing of a Thal weapon of mass destruction in False Flag?

An act of valour places the Ninth Doctor (no, not that one) and his companion, Joanna, at the mercy of The Inevitable Invasion. On a stone-faced world where their hero has become a villain, can the Doctor save everyone from a prison cell?

Not all is as it should be in Leadworth. A chance encounter proves that, but was it merely coincidence? Lured by his new acquaintance Amelia, the Tenth Doctor becomes involved in a deadly school play with a hidden agenda in Fnarg.

There are some corners of the universe that are best left alone, if given the choice. Unfortunately, Nyssa and Billy find themselves drawn Into the Death-Space. A family, a universe and the greater web of Creation all hang in the balance. Who are Nyssa and Billy in the dark?

November, 1963. On the day of Kennedy’s assassination, a young man is abducted from the streets of London to become The Victorious Healer. Spirited away into time and space, but not from Earth…

Regenerative dissonance is a horrible way to live in isolation. Imprisoned in the heart of the Citadel of the Time Lords, awaiting transfer to Shada, the Doctors are met by the President to discuss the nature of their affliction. An accusation. A murder. Facets is a multi-Doctor event like you’ve never seen before.

Here’s its running order:

  • Foreword by Joshua Wanisko (Forever Fallen – 2016 winner of the Paul Spragg Memorial Short Trip Opportunity)
  • Introduction: Ask Nicely by Alan Camlann
  • Happy Anniversary, Mr Jovanka by Kevin M. Johnston
  • The City of the Bad Wolf by Tim Bradley
  • False Flag by Chris Taylor (From an idea by Marshall Tankersley)
  • The Inevitable Invasion by Noé Géric
  • Fnarg (a two-part adventure) by Andrew Hsieh and Tom Hannah-Golden
  • Into the Death-Space by Tim Bradley
  • The Victorious Healer by Cecil J. Finchley
  • Facets by Chris Taylor
  • Afterword by J.A. Prentice (The Undying Truth – winner of the 2019 Bernice Summerfield Writing Opportunity, featuring the Unbound Doctor voiced by David Warner)

The collection is edited by Alan Camlann and, yours truly, Andrew Hsieh.

Front cover artwork by Marshall Tankersley, who also provides interior illustrations alongside Phil Johnson.

Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2 is now available to download for free in PDF format on the Divergent Wordsmiths website. Volume 1, along with the other anthologies Genesis of Terror and The Paul Spragg ReCollections, plus the full-length novel Eden by Annihilation, are also available to download.

In the meantime, you can check out the Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2 title sequence – based upon… “the original, you might say.”

This anthology is dedicated to the heroes of the year 2020, Doctors and companions alike. Including the late Sean Connery, whose second mission as James Bond was released in 1963.

And special thanks to Bernard Lodge, for designing the iconic title sequence filmed at Ealing Studios.

Andrew Hsieh

Aspiring screenwriter with Asperger's syndrome, and lifelong Whovian since (shortly after) Christopher Eccleston's reign, Andrew has written and co-edited short story anthologies for Divergent Wordsmiths. Plus, he lives near Bannerman Road.

Free to Download Now: Unbound Imaginings, Volume 2 – Co-Edited by the DWC’s Andrew Hsieh

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