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Of Course Jo Martin Wants to Return to Doctor Who (Or Star In Her Own Spin-Off!)

In an interview for Radio Times as part of International Woman’s Day, Jo Martin speculated on her future in Doctor Who.

The Holby City actor played a previously unknown incarnation of the Doctor in Fugitive of the Judoon, then briefly reappeared in The Timeless Children.

She thinks there is lots of room for more appearances from her Fugitive Doctor. Martin says:

“I think there’s so much more story. What they set up opens up a world that we’ve not fully explored with Doctor Who yet… And you don’t want to waste that costume. You know what I mean? That costume – it’s a real waste of a costume because it’s so swaggy, as they say. So I think that costume needs to get worn again by me.”

Many people were delighted to see a person of colour play the Doctor for the first time. She came across as a very different type of Doctor to Jodie Whittaker’s happy bouncy Time Lord. There was definite chemistry between the two.

Series 12’s finale led to even more questions about the Doctor and the Timeless Child. Could Martin’s Doctor be used to explain it or even expand on the show’s universe with her own spin-off? She seems keen on the idea:

“You can have a world of different spin-offs and things happening, and they’re all part of the same world. Like Marvel. Chris, get me a spin-off. I’m ready! But no, I would love to [come back]. Let’s see what the future holds. Never say never.”

She’s not the only one: recently, Russell T Davies bemoaned the lack of Doctor Who spins-offs on TV, and also argued for a “Marvel-like” shared universe.

Would you like to see Martin’s Doctor get her own TV show? Who else should get their own spin-off?

Liam Brice-Bateman

Of Course Jo Martin Wants to Return to Doctor Who (Or Star In Her Own Spin-Off!)

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