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Missed Doctor Who The Collection Sets? Standard Blu-ray Releases Are On Their Way

Have you missed the original Doctor Who: The Collection season boxsets? You’re in luck, because BBC Studios is re-releasing them sporadically in standard packaging, launching with Seasons 12 and 19.

The new range is being after pressure from fans who don’t want to pay extortionate prices on eBay just to enjoy their favourite serials in upscaled HD plus exclusive special features.

New releases will be marketed as Doctor Who: The Collection Limited Edition Packaging, with the standard edition range marketed as Doctor Who: The Collection.

Standard packaging releases will feature a plastic Blu-ray case inside a slipcase, with a condensed 12-page booklet with disc-breakdowns and selected illustrations. Otherwise, the content will be the same.

The first two standard releases will be Seasons 12 and 19, respectively the first series for Tom Baker’s Fourth and Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctors. They include fan-favourite stories like The Ark in Space and Genesis of the Daleks, and Kinda and Earthshock.

The next Limited Edition Packaging set will be Season 24, Sylvester McCoy’s debut as the Seventh Doctor, and features Time and the Rani, Paradise Towers, Delta and the Bannermen, and Dragonfire.

Release dates for all these titles are yet to be announced, but they’re all up for pre-order anyway.

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Missed Doctor Who The Collection Sets? Standard Blu-ray Releases Are On Their Way

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