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Big Finish’s The Secrets of Det-Sen to be Dedicated to Jackie Lane

Big Finish’s upcoming The Early Adventures: The Secrets of Det-Sen audio adventure will be dedicated to the memory of actress Jackie Lane.

Jackie, who passed away on 23rd June 2021, played Dodo Chaplet, a companion of the First Doctor. The character, however, will now be played on audio by Lauren Cornelius, from The Secrets of Det-Sen, due for release in August 2021.  

Actor Peter Purves, who co-starred with her as space pilot Steven Taylor, said:

“It was a sad day when I heard that Jackie Lane had died. I have to admit that we had not been in touch for many years, but we were very good working colleagues back in 1966. And although we were never the closest of friends, I did enjoy her company and I liked her a lot. She kept that Northern lilt and remained very perky on screen. I thought her performances, particularly in The Gunfighters, were excellent and great as a foil for me and Bill Hartnell. Rest in peace, Jackie.” 

Here’s the blurb for The Secrets of Det-Sen:

When the Doctor, Steven and Dodo arrive in the Himalayas, they have no idea that they are about to set off a chain of events that will haunt the Doctor throughout his many lives. Joining a pilgrimage to the nearby Det-Sen monastery, the travellers discover everything isn’t as it seems. As the situation grows increasingly dire, they will have to uncover the secrets of Det-Sen before it’s too late. 

The Secrets of Det-Sen are available to pre-order as collector’s edition CDs (at £14.99 each) and as digital downloads (at £12.99 each).

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Big Finish’s The Secrets of Det-Sen to be Dedicated to Jackie Lane

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