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It Sounds Like John Bishop Will Be in Jodie Whittaker’s Last Doctor Who Episode

John Bishop’s comments during an interview on BBC Breakfast indicate that his character, companion Dan Lewis, will be in Jodie Whittaker’s last episode of Doctor Who.

Now, “companion to appear in episode of Doctor Who” isn’t a big headline as such, except we know nothing about Series 13, so any of the main cast could be killed off — plus, Bishop is taking a stand-up routine around the UK, so his busy schedule would imply that he couldn’t still be filming Doctor Who.

However, he confirmed:

“Oh, it’s been brilliant – and it’s not finished. We’re still filming now.”

It’s likely that they’re now shooting the episode that coincides with the BBC’s centenary celebrations, i.e. Whittaker’s last as the Thirteenth Doctor.

That will also be Chris Chibnall’s final story as showrunner, and it’ll air in 2022.

No word about whether Mandip Gill, who plays Yaz Khan, is also still filming.

We also now know his character’s profession. When quizzed about the role, Bishop couldn’t tell us much, but did say he plays:

“Dan Lewis, and I’m a plasterer from Liverpool.”

It’s frustrating that we know so little, but let’s hope we get lots of lovely surprises when Doctor Who returns to screens in Autumn 2021… Wait a minute! It is Autumn!

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It Sounds Like John Bishop Will Be in Jodie Whittaker’s Last Doctor Who Episode

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