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Are Any Companions Returning for Jodie Whittaker’s Last Doctor Who Story?

It looks as if a couple of companions will be returning for Jodie Whittaker’s last episode as the Thirteenth Doctor, an as-yet-unnamed story planned to air as part of the BBC’s Centenary celebrations next year.

Two actors have been spotted on location during filming.

Ready for potential spoilers?

Both Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole have been seen in the area during shooting of the special.

Walsh and Cole respectively played Graham O’Brien and Ryan Sinclair, debuting in Whittaker’s debut, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, and left together in Revolution of the Daleks.

As Mandip Gill stayed on as Yasmin Khan, and John Bishop playing new character Dan Lewis has similarly confirmed he’s in the special, it appears that all of the Thirteenth Doctor’s companions will be back for one last curtain call.

The story will also be Chris Chibnall’s last as showrunner; it’s no great shock, then, that he wants to bring the chief cast back to say goodbye and close his tenure.

Bishop has also said he’s finished filming for the episode, so we’re definitely in the final stages of this era of Doctor Who.

Filming for the special has recently been going on at Hodge House in Cardiff, reportedly bringing back something that’s been sadly missing from the Thirteenth Doctor’s time — though we won’t spoil what that is.

Doctor Who Series 13 is set to air later this year, followed by three specials in 2022.

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Are Any Companions Returning for Jodie Whittaker’s Last Doctor Who Story?

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