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Has Russell T Davies Started Working on Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special?

Though we’ve got nearly a year of Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall’s era still to screen, a new generation of Doctor Who might have already started… at least behind the scenes — because it sounds like Russell T Davies has started writing for either Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary or for Series 14!

Davies is returning to the role of showrunner after an absence of more than 10 years, his last episode, The End of Time, finishing on 1st January 2010 (although he also created The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood, which both concluded in 2011).

In an Instagram post celebrating his previous TV show, Why Don’t You, a fan commented:

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer, this story has taught me all I need to do is go to Bad Wolf Studios, make sure you drink too much and take over a script for Doctor Who. Amen.”

And Davies replied:

“That’ll be next Monday ;)”

And that seemingly referred to yesterday (13th December 2021).

We don’t know when filming will begin, and yes, we might be reading into things too much; then again, what’s the harm in getting excited for the future anyway?!

And in another post, RTD might just have implied that we’ll see the return of the Doctor Who Christmas specials, thought lost after Resolution switched to New Year’s Day. And that was a massive shame because the Christmas Day episodes hold a special place in many fans’ hearts, and welcomed in viewers the show might not otherwise have reached.

Of course, whether Davies started writing a script yesterday or not, we know he’s had ideas swimming in his head for a while now. Exciting days are just around the corner…

Philip Bates

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Has Russell T Davies Started Working on Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary Special?

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