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Out Now: The Doctor Who Chronicles — 1967

The fifth issue of the Doctor Who Chronicles, a bookazine series from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine, covers 1967, the first full year with Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor!

Having recently made his debut as the Second Doctor, Troughton made the role his own, fighting such foes as the Daleks, Yeti and the Great Intelligence, Cybermen (twice in 1967 alone), and Macra. However, Doctor Who’s newfound stability was soon threatened by behind-the-scenes changes. As Dalek creator Terry Nation withdrew the rights to use the programme’s most notorious villains, the search began to find new monsters that could fill the gap…

In this 116-page bookazine, all-new features and rarely seen images tell the story of a year that produced some of Doctor Who’s best-loved episodes, kicking off the so-called “Monster era” (but which could equally be known as the “base-under-siege era”).

The Doctor Who Chronicles: 1967 include:

  • The year’s most significant events in the Doctor Who universe (both on and off screen).
  • Doctor Who in the popular press.
  • The Dr Who Annual.
  • Special effects and production techniques.
  • Wall’s Dr Who Sky Ray cards and album.
  • Information on The Highlanders, The Underwater Menace, The Moonbase, The Macra Terror, The Faceless Ones, The Evil of the Daleks, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Abominable Snowmen, and The Ice Warriors.
  • … and much more!

The Doctor Who Chronicles: 1967 is on sale now, RRP £9.99 from and WH Smith. It’s also available digitally from, priced £8.99.

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Out Now: The Doctor Who Chronicles — 1967

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