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Four New B&M Exclusive Doctor Who Action Figure Sets Announced for Summer 2022

Character Options has announced four new Doctor Who action figure sets exclusive to B&M Stores across the UK: the Eighth Doctor set; the Tenth Doctor set; and two History of the Dalek collections, featuring designs from Planet of the Daleks and Death to the Daleks!

Each figure is part of the 5.5″ range, and will be available from select B&M Stores throughout from later this month (August 2022).

Al Dewar, Creative Director, said:

“I think and hope the fans and collectors will really like these new sets. We have really spent time updating the look of the figures to make them different. The Eighth Doctor set, especially the TV Movie and The Night of the Doctor figures are a real delight and have a much more sophisticated look, befitting a modern action figure. I think they are the best yet. The Tenth Doctor sets have a very different and fresh feel and come with two never released variants. The Dalek sets not only feature new packaging, but we have finally brought to the fans the Dalek Supreme and a fully transparent Dalek from Planet of the Daleks! And the Death to the Daleks set is also very close to my heart!”

Here are the sets which admittedly have split opinion…

The Eighth Doctor Set

These three figurines include one inspired by the look worn by Paul McGann’s Doctor in The TV Movie; another in a dark blue leather pea coat and jeans from Big Finish, with revised decoration and, for the first time, also has the brown satchel; and his outfit from The Night of the Doctor, in which sported a worn green overcoat, ruffled tie, bronze waistcoat, and US Army Cavalry boots.

The Tenth Doctor Set

This is the set that’s divided opinion the most.

The first figure is the Tenth Doctor in his slightly brighter blue two-piece suit (minus pin-stripes), pale blue shirt, and burgundy tie, after his appearance in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. Another figurine is based on the same story, but adds his long brown jacket. And the third figure shows his suit post-regeneration, i.e. how Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor looked in The Eleventh Hour, but with Tennant’s face. This is apparently from the Titan Comics, but is really just taken from a photo montage cover by Will Brooks.

The History of the Daleks #9

Okay, now we’re cooking on gas!

These two Daleks are from Planet of the Daleks — an invisible Dalek from the conclusion of Part One of the Third Doctor story (no, it’s not an empty box), and the gorgeous Supreme Dalek, finished off in stunning gold.

The History of the Daleks #10

And continuing the Dalek sets, but finishing off this batch of Doctor Who exclusives, we have two Dalek models from Death to the Daleks!

One such Dalek figure in the set is effectively the leader of the small army of Daleks that crashed on Exxilon, and sports orange-tinted dome lights, as well as having the special ‘machine gun’ style weapon. The second Dalek is a standard one, with clear dome lights and the standard exterminator gun.

These sets should be available from your local B&M Store, but might we advise ringing ahead to be sure they’ve stock in before you set out on a long trek!

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Four New B&M Exclusive Doctor Who Action Figure Sets Announced for Summer 2022

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