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Jodie Whittaker Is “Still Crying” About Leaving Doctor Who

The Power of the Doctor saw the end of the Thirteenth Doctor era, with Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and John Bishop all bowing out the series. However, when talking recently to Zoe Ball, it seems that Jodie Whittaker still hasn’t got over moving on from Doctor Who.

The Power of the Doctor had finished filming last October, but it seems that the last 12 months haven’t done anything to stop her from feeling upset. She said:

“Well, you know what, it’s been such an emotional rollercoaster. I finished filming this episode in October last year, so I’ve had a whole year to get my head round leaving, and I’m still not there. I’m still crying about it, I’m still clinging on to the coattail, reluctantly handing over the shoes. I’ve still got a couple of weeks to just, you know, enjoy the moment. I think it’s a celebration of it, because you’re so emotional, it was amazing. But it’s only a good thing to end something and be reef with it because it was such a wonderful experience.”

I’m glad that Whittaker seems to have enjoyed her time on the show as much as she has, especially since her tenure has been more than a little divisive. From her announcement, people stopped watching because it was a woman taking on the role, then people dropped out of the series because of the poor quality of some of the stories. I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who for a long time and even I will say there were only a few stories from her first series that I thought were good — but I also think that in many years’ time, people will come back to this era and reassess it; some stories we thought were bad, we might find are actually quite good.

The Power of the Doctor had a lot to pack in, even with a 90-minute runtime, and I was certainly looking forward to it — especially as Sophie Aldred and Janet Fielding were returning as Ace and Tegan Jovanka respectively, my favourite Classic companions. So with that era over, and a new couple of Doctors seemingly in the TARDIS, we wonder how Jodie feels now…

Jordan Shortman

Jodie Whittaker Is “Still Crying” About Leaving Doctor Who

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